Jo Hatherly 2018 06 08 headshotHello and welcome.

I am a Canadian author and journalist published in newspapers across Canada, and in the United States, a national short fiction winner, two-time national short-fiction finalist, and a national finalist in journalism.

My Swiss travel blog attracted readers from over 150 countries,  and I was the Victoria Times Colonist’s first serial blogger in Jo2Go, taking mockery wherever our corporate lawyers would let me. Along with that, I penned’s cottage food page, following the dramas large and small that come out of hosting hordes from a one-sink kitchen. Born in St. Boniface, Manitoba, I have lived in the United States, Australia, Switzerland and Spain, and now live in Victoria, British Columbia.

I am a matrilineal cousin to noted Canadian author Gabrielle Roy (The Tin Flute), and depending on which line one counts, a 13 – 16 generation Canadian-plus, as I am also descended from the Nipissing Objibwes.

“What do you write?”

That is the question. My writing is bipolar, flipping from the dark end of the scale to the light, psychological thriller to humour. I can’t explain it, but that’s how it lands on the page. My protagonists are usually women in trouble of one sort or another and if that trouble is legally defined, such as assault, then I write crime, but if the trouble is two women battling for a single swimming lane at the local pool, then it’s women’s lit. I suffer genre-blindness, writing whatever comes and figuring out where it fits later.

I sold my first book – a staple-bound illustrated children’s story – for a nickel when I was about seven years old to Gwendolyn Ross. Her mother took the nickel back.

I’m a past member of the Canadian Association of Journalists, Professional Writers Association of Canada, Island Illustrators, and the Writer’s Guild of America.



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