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I am a Canadian author and journalist published in newspapers across Canada, and in the United States, a national short fiction winner, two-time national short-fiction finalist, and a national finalist in journalism.

My Swiss travel blog attracted readers from over 150 countries,  and I was the Victoria Times Colonist’s first serial blogger in Jo2Go, taking mockery wherever our corporate lawyers would let me. Along with that, I penned’s cottage food page, following the dramas large and small that come out of hosting hordes from a one-sink kitchen. Born in St. Boniface, Manitoba, I have lived in the United States, Australia, Switzerland and Spain, and now live in Victoria, British Columbia.

When not writing, I spend way too much time training a failed guide-dog candidate, a black lab named Booker whose nose and appetite for underground sprinkler systems is legend. I swim lakes, I read, I bake wild blueberry pies that keep me in good social standing.

I’m a past member of the Canadian Association of Journalists, Professional Writers Association of Canada, Island Illustrators, and the Writer’s Guild of America. I’ve studied at the University of Manitoba, University of Victoria and University of British Columbia.





Booker, the source of so many humiliations.

Cottage Dog Won’t Hunt

A pitbull fighting breeder from a California shelter, a yellow lab who refused to chase bears, an arthritis-chewed chocolate, a blind barking English Cocker, a loon-hating-and-hunting- goldie, a border collie-cross rescued from an Edmonton ice shack – these have been our cottage dogs. Not that we’ve owned them all. Some came from neighbours whose dogs…


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A Year in Switzerland
This could be the Eiger.

A blog for corporate coat-tail travellers on the terrors of international tax treaties, winning at a passport tug-of-war with Swiss bankers and the loveliness of a nation where chocolate is ever-present, even in the grocer’s meat department. Followed by readers in over 150 countries and that mysteriously scored 18,000 views in one day, most of which inexplicably came from Utah, U.S.A.