What Others Say

20180608_143613 (3) Jo headshot 3 2018 06 08“What’s happened to you? You seem more alive, more energetic. Earlier, you were just blah, a flat piece of wood.”  
Tony Campolo, spiritual adviser to President Bill Clinton through the Monica Lewinsky scandal, author of 20 Hot Potatoes Christians are Afraid to Touch, Everything You Heard is Wrong and many more. 
“#$!%&* HATHERLY!!!!”
Anonymous graffiti covering the Douglas Street side of the Victoria Times Colonist building.
 “Your piece about the recycling boxes is yet another example of the banal, empty, lightweight, gimme a paycheck reporting we see regularly in our newspapers.”
M. Turner, Metchosin, BC
 “I do like your writing and the novel sounds  to my taste – but, but…. ”  
Vivienne Schuster, Curtis Brown, U.K., literary agent to Margaret Atwood
“You get the big pay cheque for a reason – you are a senior reporter/citizen. And with such great power comes great responsibility (according to Spiderman).” 
R. Shaw, then Times Colonist legislative reporter, now reporting for the Vancouver Sun
 “… lively prose and meticulous reporting,”
reportorial rigour and formidable organization,” 
“bright writing style…” 
Lucinda Chodan,  Regional Vice-President at Postmedia, Editor-in-Chief at the Montreal Gazette 
 “I am currently in France, and am neither interested in hearing from you or participating in any projects related to you or the Times Colonist.”
Bruce Wilson, Victoria, BC, listed as one of Canada’s most talented designers by House & Home magazine.
 “You are a good writer.” 
Adrian Chamberlain, Entertainment Columnist, Times Colonist and author of  Adventures with Ollie (Oolichan Books)

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