Books & Bits

cropped-canola-field12.jpgTwo novels, two novellas, and uncounted short stories are in my hopper.

The Sunflower Field 

Two boys survive a violent meeting in an Eastern European sunflower field, a chance encounter that sets in motion a nearly forgotten tribal tradition of justice and revenge.


What She Wants

Crippled by a brutal assault, a reporter struggles to re-enter her life, even as she knows that her attackers are still tracking her.


Wolf Trap

On a quiet street on the edge of a prairie town in the 1970’s, a popular girl arrives home from high school on a sunny day, sticks a gun in her mouth and pulls the trigger. Decades later, the house comes on the market and the girl’s one-time teammate is the listing agent who is called upon to show the house to a man who has more than a passing interesting in the property.



Two strangers visit a reclusive beauty past her prime at a remote cottage in Ontario’s north. One wants food, the other wants the truth. She’s not prepared to hand over either.