The magical village of Thun, Switzerland. Photo: Joanne Hatherl

HoboNotes: A year in Switzerland cruising on corporate coat tails, playing passport tug-of-war with Swiss bankers, ranking undiscovered village chocolateries across Europe and studying the odd, yet extreme functionality of Swiss culture. Written most often in a tongue-in-cheek manner, this blog provided a practical road map to navigating foreign bureaucracies, international tax issues, border etiquette and more. HoboNotes earned a complimentary nod from the Swiss consular blog celebrating its centennial anniversary in Western Canada.

Jo2Go: The Victoria Times Colonist’s first serial blog, Jo2Go cast a wry eye on local quirks, laughable research outcomes and people in need of some corrective mocking., The Cottage Cook:  Readers followed Jo on her food follies as she careened through the summer trying to feed hordes of guests from a small one-sink cottage kitchen that is occasionally crippled by power outages and besieged by picnic-ing families of mice.




  1. Hello! I just read a short excerpt from “Say Yes To Mess” from the Times Colonist, January 13, 2007, I would love to read the entire article but I can’t find it. Since you were listed as the author, I figured you could probably help me with that, yes?? Thanks much!

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